Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Marksmess Podcast Episode 9 - Promos

This time I am without the girls as they are off doing other important stuff. I take this opportunity to look at the podcast promos.
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We play many Promos including:
Uncovering the Bronze age
Comic book Time machine
Dave's Daredevil Podcast (Now Dave does Podcasts)
Who's who the definative Podcast of the DC Universe

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Marksmess Podcast Episode 8, The Geek Letter G for Green

In this episode I try to control the raging beasts within this house that are my girls to stay on course to talk about geek things green. I fail and it descend in to chaos. Join the chaos and find out if Hulk was always green, Soylent Green and Super heroes colouring.
We also play promos for Fantasticast, and From Crisis to Crisis.
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John Adam: Letters from the front for October 1916.

This month we hear letters from John Adams and his sister Jeanie. We also look at recruitment after the Somme and the changing face of the 9th Service Battalion.
We look at the changing face of recruitment during John Adams time convalescing in Tipperary.
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