Monday, 15 December 2014

John Adams: Letters from the front. December 1914.

The next episode of our World War 1 family history podcast, 'John Adams: Letters from the front', is available now here. Looking at the daily routine in training at Clandyboye and a letter from T Davidson.

See the letters online here.

marksmess Vs Atlantios Attacks Episode 4 - X-Men annual 13

Just pubished Marksmess Vs Atlantis Attacks Episode 4, filled with X-Men confusion. Charlotte gives her first synopsis for the back up story and I had 10 minutes of Katherine laughing to edit out.
Also giving a shout out to X-Aspirations, even if they do not have a promo, but also playing the promo for Unofficial 75 Greatest Marvels Countdown. (…/unofficial-75-greate…/id947395487)