Sunday, 28 February 2016

John Adams: Letters from the front Podcast for February 1916

John Adams spent a large part of February 1916 on home leave back in Ireland. This shorter podcast covers that unusual event and we look at home leave from the western front in the First World War. 
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Read the transcripts of the letters HERE

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Marksmess Podcast

Have you missed the news? A new podcast from us. Here is the promo...
New shows will start within the next month...

Marksmess Vs Atlantis Attacks Episode 15 Fantastic Four Annual 22

At long last, the episode you have waited for, the final episode of marksmess Vs Atlantis Attacks. In this episode we bring the conclusion to the Atlantis Attacks saga, the back up stories and a quick look at 'What if?' Vol.2 #25. Also we look at what our next podcast will be about. All with the assist of my two daughters who take time from their schedule of giggling to say goodbye for now.