Saturday, 27 September 2014

marksmess Vs Atlantios Attacks Episode 2 - Silver Surfer annual 2

It is now up and running. Witness the start of the Atlantis Attacks saga, and why it was the Surfers fault. Also my children Charlotte and Katherine join me in looking at this comic.
The promo at the end is for 'From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast' .

To down load podcast, click here.

Monday, 22 September 2014

We have got a little publicity from John Adams:Letter from the Front from a local paper.

A link to the article on line is here.

Where to find the Podcasts

Lets have a quick round up of where to find the various podcasts...

John Admas:Letters from the front (World  War 1 Family History) can be found at : 
or iTunes at:

marksmess Vs Evolutionary War (Marvel Marvel Comic book Annuals 1988) can be found at:
or iTunes at:

marksmess Vs Atlantis Attacks (Marvel Marvel Comic book Annuals 1989) can be found at:

I will be recording a new episode of Atlantis Attacks in the next week. There were no letters from my Grandfather untill December 1914, so the nest regular episode will be in December. And there is a secret project, that is beyond my small part of the podcasting world, that will happen early in the new year. Exciting or what.

As you can see, Scooby is excited about more recording.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Another new Podcast - John Adams Letters from the Front

For the second time this week I launch a new podcast series. This time it is not about Super Heroes, but an altogether more real type of hero. My grand father fought in World War 1 on the western front, and thsi podcast follows his war, through his letters, in his words. Join my brothers and I by listening to us as we read the letters, and as his great grand children narrate the events of that age.

Follow the podcast feed here
and the itunes here. 

And follow the journey through the John Adams: Letters from the Front web page.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Marksmess Vs Atlantis Attacks Episode 1 - The Saga of the Serpent Crown.

In this first episode of 15, we look at the Saga of the Serpent Crown Saga that runs at the end all the Marvel 1998 annuals with the banner headline of Atlantis Attacks. Witness the birth of a world and the creation of an evil crown. With more history than you though possible.Download from here!

If you wan to Email me it is, or follow me on Twitter @marksmesspodcas 

The episode 1 ending promo for Shortbox Showcase Podcast. Check It out guys.