Monday, 22 September 2014

Where to find the Podcasts

Lets have a quick round up of where to find the various podcasts...

John Admas:Letters from the front (World  War 1 Family History) can be found at : 
or iTunes at:

marksmess Vs Evolutionary War (Marvel Marvel Comic book Annuals 1988) can be found at:
or iTunes at:

marksmess Vs Atlantis Attacks (Marvel Marvel Comic book Annuals 1989) can be found at:

I will be recording a new episode of Atlantis Attacks in the next week. There were no letters from my Grandfather untill December 1914, so the nest regular episode will be in December. And there is a secret project, that is beyond my small part of the podcasting world, that will happen early in the new year. Exciting or what.

As you can see, Scooby is excited about more recording.

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