Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Another new Podcast - John Adams Letters from the Front

For the second time this week I launch a new podcast series. This time it is not about Super Heroes, but an altogether more real type of hero. My grand father fought in World War 1 on the western front, and thsi podcast follows his war, through his letters, in his words. Join my brothers and I by listening to us as we read the letters, and as his great grand children narrate the events of that age.

Follow the podcast feed here
and the itunes here. 

And follow the journey through the John Adams: Letters from the Front web page.

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  1. Hi Mark, my name is Damien Edgar and I work as a producer and reporter with the Q Radio network in Ballymena. I saw your grandad's letters and we'd love to have you on as a guest to chat about them. If you want to get in touch, email me at or ring the office on 02825 648 777 and ask for me. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks!